6 Months Smile Braces Review

My God! I’ve been waiting so long to post a review about my 6 months smile /clear braces treatment! Can’t believe everything went so quickly and now is finally the time to tell you guys about my experience.

6 Months Smile Braces Review

Back in the days when Britney Spears was my biggest idol (LOL), I used to be obsessed with the perfection of her smile. I spent my days drawing portraits of my favourite singers so I was aware of every detail. That was my thing when I was younger.
Since then I always dreamt about that perfect smile. You know when they ask you “What is the first thing that you look at someone?” I always answer, the teeth! To me, someone with a good smile means that that person is organised and wise in general.
So my teeth weren’t too bad but I had a overbite problem that bothered me since I was 12. Why? Well because I kept pushing my them forward with my tongue and with the time passing it just got worse and worse. I even started to have a complex when I smiled.
The decision of getting braces was taken long time ago but I kept going to different orthodontists in London and it took a while until I found a good and reliable clinic. I also tried to avoid the metal braces but that was until I found out about the 6 months clear braces which are just MAGNIFIC!
Fast forward to the first fitting, the sensation wasn’t as bad as I thought. Some people need to get used to speak correctly after the first fitting but I was completely fine. I actually loved it and I felt so young with them! haha (As if I’m 99 lol). The clear braces are completely white and every time I went for a monthly adjustment, they changed my wires to new ones. As you may know, you need to avoid highly coloured food such as curry sauce, coffee (didn’t give up on this one but It didn’t change the colour too bad) and also avoid sticky sweets and popcorn. Basically, no one is going to die if we avoid these for a while. So…It’s NOT A BIG DEAL.
One thing that I struggled with was the pressure of my teeth pulling backwards. My gums were inflamed for at least a week and I only had liquid food because the pain was a bit strong. Again, after every adjustment my teeth were adapting and changing so fast!


6 Months Smile Braces Review


4 months later my upper arch did the job completely! I had no gaps, my teeth were in a good position and If I had both arches fitted at the same time, I would be done in 5 months. My orthodontist thought it was better to fit the lower arch 2 months after the upper one so that’s the only reason why I spent 6 months with them.
In conclusion, I am extremely happy with this treatment. I highly recommend it to anyone who plans to get braces. These kind of braces are perfect for adults and anyone who has exposure to photoshoots, TV, etc.


6 Months Smile Braces Review 6 Months Smile Braces Review 6 Months Smile Braces Review

So where can you have this treatment? At Brunswick Dental Rooms ! Thank me later because they are absolutely amazing!
Hope this helped and feel free to ask me any questions. I will be happy to help!

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