Babyliss Big Hair 50mm Review

Hello people!

Starting this journey with my first review!! On this occasion I would like to talk about the Babyliss Big hair rotating styler that I’ve been using recently.

To start off I should say that I’ve been really fussy about my hair for quite a while now and I try to keep it away from the wands, straighteners and etc. as much as I can. I have just been using the typical way for the blow dry with the brush and hair dryer but most of the times I give up on finishing – takes sooo much time.

My main focus on a good hairstyle would be volume and shine. To get that, either find a good salon, or you start to practice and try different ways of styling your hair.

Well all that hassle is gone now since I bought the Big hair styler from Babyliss.I saw this product a while ago but I wasn’t really sure if it would make any impact on my hair so I didn’t even paid attention until I tried it.

After the first try I was already surprised. Immediately I saw the difference. This time I had convincing shine, volume and a beautiful shape with less effort 

Pro and Cons ?

Pros – Basically it does what I want. I can get a perfect blow-dry anytime without going to the salon.

Cons – At top and bottom sides of the brush there is a little gap where the hair can get caught sometimes. I haven’t checked other samples, maybe it’s only mine, but it happened to me at first, after you get used to handling the brush correctly, you won’t have any problems.

IMG_2393    IMG_2375


Here’s a video that shows how it works :p


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