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Well well well… it seems like Summer is finally approaching London. I really hope so, since most of the planet is enjoying the amazing weather and a tan, we’re stuck here being blown away by strong winds and rain… I mean, give me a break! Even for a month or two!

The truth is we can’t wait for the summer to get a tan or to have healthy and glowing skin. I have some new and exciting products to talk about today. The Body Shop has released some refreshing products for this summer. And I have all the details about some of them. Yep! Let’s spoil ourselves a little bit! Why? Because skin care is the most important step of having a good beauty routine.

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Virgin Mojito


Hello? Who doesn’t like cocktails? This one is for all the mojito lovers. Finally, we have something fun and different on the market. Starting with the refreshing body splash for those hot days which brings you an innovative scent of lime and fresh mint, ideally after a shower and ending with the body Sorbet lotion to keep that skin moisturised. These are a must-have in my handbag!

Vitamin C Skincare


What’s better for your skin than a natural ingredient? Can’t think of anything else. This range of products helped my skin to keep fresh and glowing. I introduce the Vitamin C Glow boosting moisturiser and the Instant Glow Enhancer. This combination saved my skin from the consequences of the water from the shower and etc. which made my skin dull and tired.


Honey Bronze


IMG_1254 copy

Ok, let’s face the facts. We can’t get a natural tan in England that easily, but I must say we have pretty good alternatives. One of them is the Honey Bronze collection which I have recently tried. Honestly, it is so amazing to know that you can get a natural tan result in just a matter of minutes. The results of The Leg Mist and the face gel were pretty accurate to a natural tan on my skin and I am so happy to have the solution for my pale skin.

So guys, I totally recommend trying these amazing products because change is good and trying new things is even better!

Hope you guys have an amazing day!


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