Editorial Inspiration – Candice Swanepoel for Vogue Mexico September 2013

Ok, So It’s been like ages since my last post but the summer and holidays are over, I am back to work and I got a positive energy that I hope it’s going to last until my next break.

Anyway…Let’s talk about Candice Swanepoel! She is like one of the hottest and appreciated supermodels in these days. I said it so many times, blonde will always be my favourite hair colour and she definitely defines that angelic look that inspires me in some way.

Candice Swanepoel by Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Mexico September 2013

candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-6candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-1candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-2 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-3 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-4 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-5 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-7

Photo Courtesy of The Citizen of Fashion


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