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Hope you guys are alright. I had this post on draft for some weeks now but I was so busy with uni that I couldn’t manage to finish and post it but here it is! So one of my first assignments this year was to present a project that would define me. A project that would say who I am and what path I am choosing in my career…in a passport. Literally!

I decided to post this on the blog since I feel I haven’t introduced myself properly.

So let’s start with the basics.1I was born in the summer of 1990 in Deva, Romania, under the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo. Okay, I’m mentioning this because I don’t believe entirely in horoscopes but I do believe in the characteristics and the definition of my zodiac sign it’s really spot on!3I have always wanted to change my surname and after researching names for the blog…I found something interesting in the description of my middle name, Elena.

Elena is a Greek name and means ray of light, shining light.

I thought about the connection of light and positiveness with my character and from there I decided that Sun-ray will be part of my blog’s name.4

7I spent most of my childhood playing with my neighbours and my cousin, watching MTV, HBO and drawing in front of the TV. I wasn’t the type of girl who played with Barbie’s all the time but instead I knew every song of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, etc. I can easily say that I had that balance of being a child and playing at my grandmother country house with my cousin and also being happy when I watched TV so I am glad I developed in an adult at the right age and not in a generation like this one. I really enjoyed my childhood.

5In 1999 my parents decided to start a new life in Spain so luckily that was the time when my journey began. Even though the language was never a difficulty, I remember it was so hard to adapt to that different lifestyle and so hard to make friends because apparently I was the only foreign girl in school at that time. Let’s say I wasn’t the popular one! Being an only child, my only comfort was in music and drawing but with the time passing, I started to get used to that environment and created my group of friends. With that happening, somehow I’ve lost my passion for drawing and got influenced by the lifestyle of Spain. I can say I had the time of my life during those times. Spain will always be a part of me.


After finishing school, I came to London on school trip and from that moment I was a different person, I was ready to give it all away to come to live in this city. It took me almost two years until I came to live in London but I did it on my own and that changed me completely as a person.



Freedom for me is one of the most important things in life and being independent is what I always wanted. Of course I realised you must pay a price and work hard at it but at the end it’s all worth it because you are your own boss. How good does that sound?

I have added some pages with the present and my vision or the future and one thing I really enjoy is watching sitcoms. Yep, from Sex and the city to Scandal or 2 Broke girls. That’s my thing! 15


In the future I would love to travel more and get inspired from people and different cultures…actually that is one of my priorities for the next year.18


Hope you guys enjoyed this post and questions related with London and how to adapt in the city, I’m here to answer!




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