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In this digital age the easiest way to say contact a friend on their birthday, for example, is either on Facebook or email. But many of us still love to receive cards in the mail – it is the most genuine way to say thank you, congratulations, or just simply “hi”, to those we have meaningful connections to in your life.

As the trends and years go by, sending a unique handcrafted card to someone, carries, even more significance and sincerity than ever before. This time, I partnered with PAPYRUS to show you guys how to make a difference by impressing your boss or your friends with the most beautiful handmade cards. I relate this collection of cards to the Haute Couture in fashion. So let me tell you a bit more about it…

Papyrus has a vision for products of uncompromising quality inspired by a love of art and craftsmanship. Their products create genuine personal connections, and set a new standard of social interaction by leveraging the power of the arts. The brand’s premium quality and handmade designs are depicted within each of their products, enabling them to deliver little pieces of art to share with your loved ones, to revive and inspire deeper, more meaningful connections.

Papyrus is a brand rooted in the fashion world, as seen through their presence in NYFW the past 9 seasons. As a nod to Fashion Week, this season Papyrus has launched a brand-new designer collaboration to inspire your inner Fashionista. This is one of the very first designer partnerships in the greeting card industry; you see it in shoes, notebooks, cell phone cases…now you can find greeting cards with the same high quality and attention to detail and embellishments that Papyrus is known for. These upscale greeting cards allow these coveted iconic Fashion Leaders’ designs to accessible to the masses as they speak to Papyrus’ premium brand and their connection with the arts and fashion world.

img_5645-copy img_5679-copy

“This is one of the very first designer partnerships

in the greeting card industry” 

img_5709-copy img_5667-copy img_5742-copy img_5718-copy img_5725-copy img_5729-copy img_5715-copy

As a fashion student and especially working in this business, it is essential for me to know that brands like Papyrus, create such a unique and creative result by collaborating with the top fashion designer, Zang Toi. This collaboration reminds me the importance of sending a beautiful card and especially adding that bit of “fashion lover” touch to it.

This authentic storytelling centred around this collaboration is emphasising the uniqueness of this first of its kind partnership. Zang Toi’s card collection is inspired by iconic pieces from his fashion line along with themes that inspire his unique style of drama and edginess. His style is classified by high-end finishes, elaborate treatments, and intricate details.

img_5733-copy img_5707-copy img_5748-copy img_5755-copy img_5739-copy

These cards represent the true meaning of quality and I’m sure there’s no better place to find them than at Papyrus. Click here to find these handcrafted cards and find out how their uniqueness elevates the gift giving experience.

Hope you guys have an amazing Monday!


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