Quick update


Hey there!!

It has been like ages since my last post and I just wanted to give update and to let you guys know that I am alive and that more posts are coming soon.:D

Like every year I make a priority list because it really helps me to know where I am going and what needs to be done to accomplish what I really want. So this year I have 4 main priorities and some that are not so urgent. One of those was changing houses in London.

Seriously I never imagined it will be so stressful and so hard to find the next home. At the end of the day when I need to rest or study/work I have to be comfortable and that means having my room decorated and everything else organised in my own way. Right now, I can say that finally after 2 months of hunting houses I found something that I like and soon I will be on the move.

It is not easy being independent but it is worth it!

Hope you guys have a nice day!


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