Searching for happiness

How many times I have started over? I think I lost the count…but the fact is that I see change as a positive thing, a way of searching for evolution as a person and absolutely denying being unhappy.

I don’t want to focus this blog about me or my life but this article is related to one huge change in my life. My job.

I decided to quit my stable job and get out of the comfort zone. Yes, in a few days I will stop working full-time and I will be just a student with two options: developing my current skills in a similar job or following my dreams! Scary isn’t it? I still think that I can do both things but not as efficiently, of course. I mean if you don’t search for your happiness, who will?

Well, I love challenges and I think It all depends on how do we take the chances and with this I refer to my blog, through this platform I want to transmit positivity and encouragement for people that need inspiration and have a love for fashion & photography or people like me, fighters and dream chasers.

During the last years I have learned so many things and one of them was that being professional and working hard really makes a difference at any job you do. Luckily all these factors were kind of recognised in my case because I was craving for success from the beginning but when there is no more space for progression, I am not the kind of person who settles easily.

I noticed that we tend to forget that our passion can also be our job and I have seen so many people that are influenced to think it might be something unreachable or they don‘t even see the opportunity they have. I want to wake up every morning and feel exited about what I am going to do for the rest of the day.

So what is the point of life? Being happy. So what makes me happy? Well almost everything related to art makes me happy and that is what I want to put my work on. I have been inspired by people who started from very little, risked everything they’ve had left and now they are working in what they love to do so I always wondered…Why shouldn’t I transmit the same message? Why shouldn’t I do the same?  At the end of the day, we need good vibrations and we also need to inspire, spread the positivity and be inspired by others to follow our dreams.

Who knows what the future holds us but as I mentioned before, I will not accept to be unhappy about something and carrying on with it.

Thinking of my last day at work. I feel free and released from the tension…I feel good and I hope you guys relate in some ways to this post and start searching for what makes you happy!




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