Spring Summer 2016 Hair trends

We all know that a good hairstyle can change our look completely so why not trying to mix it up more often? These Spring Summer 2016 Hairstyle trends are some of the hottest and most wearable hairstyles for this season for you to try at home including buns, bouffants, dip-dye, braids and bobs.

Spring Summer 2016 Hairstyle trendsThis is one of the hairstyles that I currently see every day. Boxing braids or double side braids is the type of hairstyle that is ideal for a workout but this season you can see it matched with almost any style. These braids have the fame of being kind of tricky to do at the beginning but this is just like driving, once you get used to the technique, your instinct will always get you in the right direction. A tutorial is on the agenda on how to do this.

Spring Summer 2016 Hairstyle trends

Hair colour? Bronde. This is everything since a while ago. We have evolved from ombre to bronde and it just looks great, especially with a tanned skin.

Spring Summer 2016 Hairstyle trendsClassy and elegant at the same time.  Easy to style like giving an effortless bend and straight ends or curling it all day way to the Marilyn Monroe style. I’ve been tempted to change my look with this hairstyle for some time now because I am getting a bit frustrated with the long hair.

Spring Summer 2016 Hairstyle trendsThis is my hairdo on day 2 after a hair wash. Perfect for uni life because it keeps the hair out of my business and it also looks cool. I could say this is one of my signature styles. Obviously you can make small changes to this routine that can make a big difference like you can see in the picture of Kendal Jenner.

Spring Summer 2016 Hairstyle trends

Perfect for summer. Inspired by the ombre technique, now dipped dye pastel pink or any other pastel colour are ideal for festivals and the younger generation.

Hope this inspire you guys to have fun with these amazing hairstyles !


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