Welcome Spring

Heeeello my lovely souls! How was your Easter holiday?

I personally stuffed my face with delicious food, especially sweets. Thanks to my mum for that! Now I am back to the routine!

I think after today’s weather here in London, is time to say Welcome Spring! Ana and I decided to do something special for the next posts. So this time, we chose to shoot in a museum! Yep! That’s right! We went to the V&A museum and since the light was not that good indoors, we had to shoot outside. Difficult times since in the morning was extremely cold and tourists wandering around…but it got better through the day.

Let me tell you about the outfit… My love for bandage dresses is unconditional and since Herve Leger is to pricey for me at the moment, I started to look at many stores which were selling similar dresses. In House of Celeb Boutique you can find good quality bandage dresses, exactly the right ones if you want to dress to kill! hihihi This store has been on my watch list for a while now and when I saw the latest collection in collaboration with Marianna Hewit (which I absolutely adore), I knew that should be mine!

I am also a big lover of lace so all the process for this photoshoot was really natural.

IMG_0265 IMG_0278 IMG_0214 IMG_0207 IMG_0206 IMG_0159 IMG_0226 IMG_0182 (1)IMG_0330

Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures & video taken by Ana Vickova.

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