Things to do in Valencia, Spain

Ok, so following my previous post reminiscing about my past in Spain, this time I am going to give you guys some tips on some of the best things to do in Valencia based on my opinion.

Things to do in Valencia, Spain

  1. Visit Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of the arts & Science). This is for all architecture lovers out there! The structure of this place is truly breathtaking and especially when is combined with the constant blue sky and the clear water.

Things to do in Valencia, Spain

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2. Go to the Mercado Central. It is generally considered one of the oldest European markets still running. You can find the best of the best in terms of organic food and seafood. I went there because my Italian boyfriend is passionate about finding quality in the ingredients that he likes and since a while now, I can tell the difference between real and processed food.


Things to do in Valencia, SpainThings to do in Valencia, SpainThings to do in Valencia, Spain


3. Valencia is not a huge city in comparison to London but you can always have a walk around through the town and I bet you will stop to have tapas or drinks in more than one occasion. Basically this was the main reason why we didn’t visit absolutely everything, including the ….


Things to do in Valencia, Spain

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4. Playa de la Malvarossa. One of the biggest pleasures in Spain is enjoying the sun and maybe adapting to the siesta tradition while you are on the beach. Why not?

Things to do in Valencia, Spain


5. The food! This is what we enjoyed the most!! The quality in Mediterranean food is something hard to beat, to be honest. Starting from tapas to paella, Spanish food is one of my favourites. Why? Well is because everything is so healthy and tasty at the same time and I know for sure is not going to damage my body that much.

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So apart from these things to do, you can always explore more depending on your taste and preferences but since I lived in Spain so many years I mainly wanted to enjoy the weather and food.

Hope this helps you to decide what to do in case you go to Valencia.


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