Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition – Review

For all the fashion lovers out there, the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition is now located in London and after my visit to the V&A museum, I felt the need to express my feelings about it a little bit.

Over the past few months, I have researched about many designers for my university projects and I came across Alexander McQueen. I obviously knew about some of his designs for some time now, but I never looked deeply into his history. After watching a video in class from his Highland Rape catwalk show, I immediately understood why he was so special. His rebellious nature made him the wild child in the British fashion and until this day, I don’t think there is anyone so special as he was.

I must say his collections are not always giving me good emotions, but he definitely managed to create a shock to the audience and appreciation for his controversial designs. I especially loved the work in collaboration with Swarovski. The whole production and presentation of the exhibition is simply breathtaking, representing him completely and you could easily feel that everything that he created was because his mind was in a very dark place.

Without a doubt, the exhibition is a complete success, not only for the extraordinary creations but also for the work of the curators. I think is important to remind ourselves what fashion is all about and always keep updated with exhibitions like this one.

Alexander Lee McQueen did his job properly as a designer. He managed to transmit emotions to the public from his designs and shows and I fully recommend this exhibition to everyone who has a love for fashion art.

You can still find the tickets here.


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