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So March is here and this is my first post for this year… I know, pretty unacceptable once I decided to stick with the blog but I never thought that it will take so much time to update it constantly, and with a full-time job, studies and other priorities it is quite difficult to keep it going. Anyway the fact is that I need a place just for me, a place where I can expose my creativity and keep it alive in my way and this is the perfect place to do it. So I won’t give up. I never do on things that matter and no one should.

As this is the begging of the year I always like to do something new and start fresh so I have been working a little bit in the background changing the design of the blog and it looks way much better now, I hope you guys like it! I have also added a review page to give my opinion on the products that I have been using and I am working on the logo and some other ideas, posts, etc.

There are a few plans and trips planned for this year as well that I am really existed about. One of them would be that I will go back to Deva for a couple of days which is the town where I was born in Romania, it has been almost 6 years since I went the last time so it will be refreshing and humbling to see some of my family again.

IMG_6403IMG_6263 IMG_6314 IMG_6312 IMG_6326 IMG_6397

Sweater – New Look

Trousers – H&M

Boots – River Island

Selma Bag – Michael Kors

Jewellery – GUESS


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