Hair salvation by TIGI

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Conclusion? There are not too many products out there that really work on my hair. I have been experimenting in the last 2-3 months with different products because my hair is quite damaged at the moment and the only possible reason I think it is the blow-dry hair styler because it is the only thing I use to style my hair. As I said in my review about that product, you can get a good result but too much of it can damage your hair obliviously because of the heat. So I started to look for new hair products, reading reviews and trying new things but after so many tries I decided to stick with my all time favourite hair product brand – Catwalk by Tigi.

There is no other conditioner or shampoo that I tried until now, better than this one. After dying my hair blonde for so many years I must say this was the help that my hair was begging! It smells incredibly good, the conditioner that I am using at the moment, smelts like the Fantasy perfume of Britney Spears. It has a thick texture which with only a few bumps leaves your hair soft and silky and when I most see the difference is when I brush my hair. I spend 10 min brushing my hair with a normal shampoo/conditioner and approximately 2-3 min with the Tigi products.


Now that I have brown hair, I realised the difference between my natural and bleached hair  and it made me think about a dramatic change, maybe a bob hairstyle? We’ll always have extensions anyway 😀

I hope this is helpful for anyone out there looking for a good shampoo/conditioner.

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