Kylie Lipsticks Review – London version

Hey corazones! I’m back here again giving you a review of some of Kylie’s Lipsticks that EVERYONE is buzzing about!

Everyone who spends time with me knows that I am ALWAYS applying lipstick on. Like constantly. I have so many but none of them stays on my lips longer than 3 hours maximum. So I decided to try 1 x each kind of liquid lipstick Kylie Jenner released.

Some of the shades you can find them in any cosmetic store or luxury concession, but the consistency and formula that all of them have is something unique.

Kylie Lipsticks Review - London version  Kylie Lipsticks Review - London version


Kylie Lipsticks Review - London version Kylie Lipsticks Review - London version

Koko K is a matte liquid lipstick that comes with a lip liner. It stays on for 8 hours at least (In my case). With smooth a creamy touch that dries out in about 10 sec, this lipkit is amazing for the someone like me who wants their lips on point all the time.

It has kind of a dark pink tone and yes, it makes your lips bigger but not as much as the other ones.


Kylie Lipsticks Review - London version Kylie Lipsticks Review - London version

From the glosses collection, I chose this shade but when I applied it it looked darker on my lips. I guess the lighting is everything…but anyway I love it!

From all of them, this one is the best at defining and plumping your lips. It stays on a long time as the others, it is not one of those sticky lip glosses and it also smells like vanilla. Definitely worth it!


Kylie Lipsticks Review - London version

My favourite shade! I mean, where can you find really metal lipsticks with these kind of colours? Well, at least I didn’t see anything similar anywhere.

It is creamy at the beginning like the matte ones but these ones shine so nicely and they look so amazing on! I would say all of them are my favourite but this one is the winner. Hard to decide really.

IMG_7221    IMG_7220    
PRO’s– They are exactly how they are advertised. Really good lipsticks. Stay on for long hours, they plump your lips and they smell great! What more can you ask?!

CON-The only CON I would say is that buying them from UK can be a bit pricey because of the customs charges and delivery. It is profitable in the US because the actual lipsticks are cheap in dollars but in UK you end up paying a bit more.

I hope this helps to decide if you guys want to purchase them!

Enjoy your Saturday!!



  1. June 13, 2016 / 8:56 PM

    King K is gorgeous. I love the color & shine. I have True Brown K & it works pretty well. It was the first edition, so I wonder if the formula has changed. :]

    // ▲ ▲

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