New year, new beginnings

Early morning, hot coffee, new year, new thoughts… That’s how today sounds like.

Not like everyday is a new chance to change something in our lives but you know…specially a new year reminds us that is time to work hard and make the best of our days. So I am thinking today about starting with getting back in shape after so many weeks of indulgence! I’ve had so many sweets that if I don’t have diabetes by now is probably a miracle!

Well I guess that’s what happens in the holiday season but now it’s time to work out, maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

IMG_0017 IMG_0025

For some time now I can’t stop thinking about summer and I can’t wait to see the flowers bloom this year. One of my main priorities this year is to travel and enjoy life more. Being stuck in London for over 4 years now made me exhausted and I really miss the beach, hot weather and a clear sky. I have that crazy feeling again about a change…


So stay tuned because there’s more interesting posts about health, beauty and fashion!

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