I’m becoming VEGAN

As the title says, I am becoming Vegan and I couldn’t be happier about my decision!

For countless years I was one of those people who would see a horrific video online about torturing animals and I would scroll down or watch the whole thing and realise that I am too small to overcome this huge problem.
Over the years, I started to feel bit by bit, more upset about this whole situation. Last year I read many articles about how people run dog festivals where they boil them and rip their skin off to eat them, I signed hundreds of petitions but at the end, I came to the same conclusion as before. I don’t have enough power to change this. In fact, so many petitions have been signed but the Yulin festival, for example, is still running and that made me feel so helpless.

Not until early last year, I started to look at the problem in more depth. I understood that it’s not only about dogs and cats that the world cries and signed petitions for, it is about ALL animals that are slaughtered just for us to look good with or to eat. This includes cows and chickens.

I always thought that one of the most important things in life is education and as much as I read and get informed about things, I remember the phrase “knowledge is power”. Couldn’t be truer. Trust me, education seems luxury these days!
The education bit refers to the people who torture the animals. Starting from the villages of a poor country which is a more complicated matter, the farmers who slaughter for money, for a more cost effective procedure to get more profit.

I'm becoming VEGAN!

So I sat down…watched many documentaries that make sense and I thought: Why would I be part of this? I’ve always tried to make a difference all my life, why should I follow the influenced crowd and buy milk that tastes like water mixed with powder, or eats pork meat that ruins my intestines? All this added up and I decided to commit to this decision.

I stopped eating meat around two months ago and I stopped drinking milk or having any type of dairy 1 month ago.

So guess what? I am here, still alive and more energetic than I’ve ever been. I eat loads of greens and my whole organism has changed in a positive way.

The truth is that it was a bit difficult at the beginning to find vegan products because you don’t have as much variety as processed food if you put a bit of effort you can manage everything around it. I do my shopping once a week at Tesco and once every 2/3 weeks at Wholefoods.

I also started cooking which I never thought I will be able to do lol. I am getting creative in the kitchen when I don’t have the ingredients that I need to do a meal, which is even more surprising.

I am simply motivated to do something positive for the animals and also to be healthier.

So guys, let me know what think about this and keep checking for my next Vegan post.


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