What to do on a rainy day

When the weather doesn’t behave properly, like most of the times here in London…It makes me overthink what can I do on a rainy and cold day?

Well lately I keep myself entertained with the blog and I always try to do something productive but you also need time for a break….so here’s some ideas to keep you warm and cosy on a day off or rainy and cold day during this winter.


1. Plan your tasks and priorities in your agenda for the next week

One thing I have learned over these years is that being proactive is the first step for success. So I prefer to write down my plans in my agenda because that’s how I memorize better and also schedule reminders on my phone of the most important things. At the end of the week you feel so satisfied that you accomplished everything or almost everything.


2. Watch sitcoms like Sex and the city over and over again

Yes! That’s how I used to spend my time..I absolutely love watching sitcoms, specially Sex and the city which inspires me to write (never thought I could do it), and New girl or Mom are so funny! I definitely recommend them.

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3 Practicing your cooking skills

Pinterest has been the best source of inspiration lately! I have made a board called Tasty food and it includes all the healthy recipes I am planning to try! Check it out here.

4. Get dolled up!

Manicure, pedicure, facial masks and a hot bath…all good ideas to start a new week!


5. Clean and organise your wardrobe

Now, this applies to me but I am sure someone else out there feels the same. When I am in a rush I tend to make a mess out of my wardrobe and arranging everything once a week is not a bad idea, plus you can find clothes that are completely forgotten and there’s a new chance to style an amazing outfit!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday!

Take care and Thanks for visiting!

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