Contact lenses Side effects

Good afternoon my loves! How is everything going?

I am here today to talk about something that I consider important to share. Contact lenses and the side effects. Well, many of you might not know that I wear contacts all the time. That was until the past few months when my eyes started to react badly because of the lack of oxygen in them. Why is that? Hmm… because I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 14 years old. That comes up to 10 years of wearing them over time, daily. My prescription is high and back in the day, you couldn’t find any ultra thin lens for any glasses. So I started to wear contact lenses and it honestly changed my life. Most of you know that you are supposed to wear them for a maximum of 8 hours per day, but I never did that. I wore them every single day, around 16 hours. Consequences? I started to notice that my eyes were becoming dry for no reason and also I started to feel an uncomfortable pain in my eyes. Just like you would wear them on the opposite side. The pain was stronger especially at the university because I was forcing my vision more at the end of the day. After a check-up, nothing serious happened but the opticians did mention me to stop wearing them for a while and go back to the glasses.

Now, I always hated wearing glasses because I started wearing them when I was 2, so you can imagine….But this time, I feel like this new pair, really suits me and I feel more like myself, especially when I am working and studying. Anyway, guys, I hope you consider wearing contact lenses for the period of time you are supposed to because if not, you will suffer the consequences like in my case and for those of you who have a high prescription, you know the feeling.

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