Feels like Spring

We are not there yet, but it definitely feels like Spring lately! I am so happy my favourite season is coming up! I never thought that I would appreciate the sun so much, especially since I live in London. Thinking about going out without some fur and a thousand layers? That’s a luxury! lol

When we talk about this new season, we can’t ignore the fact that Spring has sprung in fashion. All around High street, we can see monochrome again, sporty clothes as the new casual, trouser suit and many more, but I somehow I got my eye on denim and bold florals this time. On my way to an event, I decided to combine the denim look with this gorgeous trench from River Island which it was perfect for the occasion. From the design to the fabric is pure quality.

Feels like Spring Feels like Spring

Besides fashion, studying and figuring out what to focus on has kept be really busy lately. I must say, my twenties are the hardest part of my life so far! This is the time when we have to figure out what we want to be and make everything possible to get there.

The important thing is to have passion for what you love to do and never give up on anything.

Feels like Spring Feels like SpringFeels like Spring Feels like SpringFeels like Spring Feels like Spring Feels like Spring

Special thanks to Beara Beara for having us at their new store opening in London. I am so excited for the next projects we are working on! I feel like I have so much creativity that I cannot wait to expose!

Feels like Spring

Photo credit: Ana Novickova

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  1. I LOVED that denim & the floral style! Just right for Spring (which is at least in my mind as well) 😉
    Let’s enjoy, with #Love from #DOliveiraFashionBlog | Luís <3

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