Rock and Florals

Hey there loves!

It’s finally Wednesday and I am in my room trying to organise the amount of work that needs to be done for the next couple of weeks. It looks quite hectic I must say…between university assignments and other projects that I am working on, it makes it a little bit difficult to be fully active here but no matter what I always manage to schedule time for the blog.

This outfit is something different…A mixture between innocent and rough, I would say. Since I saw this skirt in Oasis I knew I wanted to complement it with something bold. The biker jacket from Zara with the Lace bralette and the lace up shoes give that rocker look.

Now the problem here in London is that you can’t trust the weather. I mean, NEVER! When I had this photo shoot planned, the weather channel showed that it will be acceptable to wear this kind of skirt but honestly it was so windy and cold! That explains my messy hair…

I can’t wait for the good weather and summer days…

Rock and florals Rock and florals Rock and florals Rock and Florals Rock and floralsRock and florals Rock and florals

Photo credit: Ana Nockicova

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