Introducing Mousey

Hello my beautiful souls!

Can you believe Christmas is around the corner? I guess since I am getting older, the time is flying just like everyone else was saying.

Another year is passing by and I am just starting to get into the Christmas spirit. London has been decorated for about two months already, but this year I wanted to feel the holidays at the right time and I didn’t want to spoil the moment. Next week I fly to Germany to spend the holidays with some of my family and with this occasion I will visit the Christmas markets and do a bit of touristy stuff so I’m kind of excited for that!

What I am not excited about is to leave my baby Mousey…Since we got him we are falling in love every day more because he brings so much happiness to our lives. So I thought to introduce him properly this time.


I’ve always loved animals. For me are fundamental for my life because they keep me grounded and remind me how loyal they can be. Well, I’m not sure about cats, because they are very independent, but that’s the main reason why I’ve always wanted a kitten. I feel so identified with them because my personality is kind of similar.


Our little snowflake is around four months old and we rescued him from an unsafe background near to our area. Since we got him, we took care of him just like a baby because yes, we don’t make a difference between human and animals. We treat everyone equally.



The main reason why I waited so long to get a kitten was because my dad is allergic to cats. Since I am fighting this allergy of my dad, I will be posting tips on how to keep the house clean of cats dander and what to use to reduce it. I have been researching about how to combat this problem since we got him and I found many smalls things that can make a big difference.



Stay tuned for the next posts and I hope you guys have a wonderful day!


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