Paint the sky Blue

Hello amores!

“Paint the sky blue, and you biggest dreams will become true”

As some of you probably have seen on my social media pages, I have decided to focus more and dedicate most of my time to blogging. This is something that I created and something I can share with you guys and just for that, it makes me happy.
I officially started blogging in 2013 but due to my lack of time and support I couldn’t focus 100% on it. 

After all this time, I realised that it was time to take a risk and give my all for what I want to achieve for the future. 

To start off this journey I want to connect with every single visitor and I want to transmit positivity and hopefully inspiration to all of you. This is what makes me happy and I am ready to keep you guys updated with the most important fashion news and my evolution as a blogger.

Hyde park_76 Hyde park_266 Hyde park_239 Ribbet collage Hyde park_257
Hope you guys like these photos taken by my dear photographer Mihai Nicusor who I recently partnered with to create some quality content.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice Wednesday!

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