The green smoothie

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Hope everything goes smoothly for you so far!

I’m here today to talk about my latest routine which is drinking the green smoothie every morning. This is the second time I am doing the diet and it really makes me feel healthy and energetic. That’s good enough for the moment!

You can do it for a month but if you just want to detox you can do 20 days.

Of course to start off everything must be organic. I normally go to do groceries shopping twice a week, specially in hunt for organic vegetables and fruits. I must say it is quite hard to find good organic food, nowadays everything is processed and if you haven’t tried the chemical free food, it is hard to know the difference.

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First you chop the celery, pear and apple and…blend!


Then you ad the romaine lettuce, a bunch of baby spinach leaves and you blend again.


Add a banana, parsley, lemon and honey.


After blending one last time you should have your green smoothie ready to serve!


So as you can see is really easy to make. I normally prepare it in the morning and I make enough for two tumblers, in case I convince someone else to have some haha. It’s all for the best though! It doesn’t taste bad at all, specially if you added the lemon juice and some honey.

I hope you guys try it and let me know if you managed to complete the challenge and most importantly if you feel healthier!

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