A taste of Valencia Part I

So this is going to be the beginning of a nostalgic post…

Currently writing this post from the plane, on my way back to London, I wanted to start this article with the end of my short trip to Valencia, Spain.

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One thing is for sure. London changed me.

Being an adventurous person, I left Spain to focus on a new life, especially to build a career as many of us do. It changed me so much that I kind of forgot the beauty of the place where I grew up.

Since the moment I stepped into the Valencia airport, I started to understand how absent I was in the Spanish culture for so long but still, I felt like home.

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After more than 6 years since I left this country where I spent many years and specially built so many memories, I decided to come back for an eye consultation to a clinic that I trust. Well, it turns out that this trip was more than a short visit for a simple purpose.

Is crazy how can these simple things like going to a supermarket and finding the same products and packaging like before can make you so happy . Or looking at the clear blue sky, the palm trees, even the tiles on the street reminded me of when I used to hang out with my friends in the small city I used to live. Also the fact that many women wear a particular typical perfume that takes me back to 2002. I am still wondering why I ignored this for so long…

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I also must say there is nothing like sleeping with the air of a spring night blowing through the balcony door…or should I mention the healthy food or how easy is to make friends and simply enjoy your life? There are so many details that vanished from my mind just because I have a busy life but I guess you guys can tell by now that I reconnected with the Spanish side of me.

Part II coming up this week.

Hope you guys have an amazing Tuesday!


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