Know yourself

Hey Monday! And Hey everyone!

How was the weekend my loves?

It’s 9 AM and I am already in the university library…I struggled to find a title for this post but since I was listening to a new album, I thought about adding the title of a song – Know yourself – because I quite relate to it. So I am catching up with the articles coming up. I have been so busy lately since I had my assignments and even though I was not that active here for the past week, I was working on projects and liaising with my colleagues to work on new updates for this blog! I am so excited, but I won’t say all of it for now…


A week of surprises is coming up and the first thing I am revealing today is that I finally have a Youtube channel ( Yaaaasss!!), where you guys can get a better idea of how my personality is. The main focus of the channel and blog is bringing positivity in relation to hair/makeup tutorials, opinions on certain things and I also want to focus on spirituality a little bit. So everything will be philanthropic.

Know yourselfDuring my life so far I have learned so much from my mistakes and if I can share my guidance in what I have experienced, great! This is the perfect reason to create this channel! Honestly, I never thought about expressing myself through video…My colleagues and friends encouraged me so much lately so I thought I’ll give it a try. I have posted an introduction video with me being in a funny mood, maybe because of the wine I had on that day?…Anyway, just or the record, I am not an alcoholic haha

Know yourselfSince I was younger, I was relating music to videos but only in my mind. I guess I never had the right environment that supported me to go for it. Music is what inspires me the most. It influences me through my mood and fashion and every time I listen to a good song, I   imagine how I would create the video. So yes, I am excited about this and cannot wait to finally bring in action my thoughts.

Know yourself

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Thanks for visiting as usual and enjoy your Monday peeps!



    • georgiasunray
      March 30, 2015 / 11:29 AM

      Gracias guapo! Happy Monday to you too! bss

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